Developing international cooperation with foreign higher education institutions, organizations and foundations is one of the most important activities of Pskov State University. Work in this area provides an opportunity to get acquainted with advanced foreign techniques and educational technologies and use them while implementing educational programs in PskovSU, participate in joint projects and to receive grants for research activity.

In 2010, the International Affairs and Inter-Academic Cooperation Department was formed as a part of the created Pskov State University. The Department was established in order to organize and ensure the participation of the University in international cooperation, as well as establishing a system of international activities to expand the international relations of the faculties, departments and other subdivisions in the field of science and education.

The main purpose of the Department is to promote international cooperation of PskovSU in the field of science and education.

In accordance with this purpose, the Department is to accomplish the following tasks:

  • identification of priority areas of cooperation, perspective planning of international cross-university connections of PskovSU, search and selection of partners to establish contacts on a university-wide level;
  • coordination of project activities of PskovSU;
  • coordination of the development and implementation of international educational programs of PskovSU (together with foreign partner universities of PskovSU), including joint educational programs, double degree programs, educational program "Russian as a foreign language";
  • advertising of PskovSU and its educational services abroad;
  • coordination of academic mobility programs of students, faculty and staff of PskovSU carried out by the AIC and by the faculties, departments and other units of PskovSU;
  • organization of reception and business trips of delegates in frames of international activity of PskovSU;
  • coordination of international congress activity of PskovSU;
  • organization of translation and interpretation in the framework of international activity of PskovSU;
  • development of export of educational services;
  • coordination of work with foreign students, arriving to PskovSU within the programs of academic mobility and for the full-term training;
  • coverage of the international activities of PskovSU in the University mass media as well as on the official website of PskovSU.

International Affairs and Inter-Academic Cooperation Department consists of three Offices:

General supervision of the International and Inter-Academic Coopreation Department is provided by Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and International Relations – Marina Yuryevna Makhotaeva, Doctor of Economics, Professor.

Head of Department of International Affairs and Inter-Academic Cooperation – Georgy Valeryevich Varlamov.

Deputy Head of Department of International Affairs and Inter-Academic Cooperation – Olga Nikolayevna Ayrasiyan.

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Pskov, Lenin Square, 2, office 29;
Phone/Fax:+7(8112)29-70-20, 29-70-19