Dear international guests of  Pskov State University website!

You are very welcome to our website and  our University! Pskov State University was founded in 2011 by merging of five leading educational institutions of the Pskov region. Each of them had its own history and traditions, reputation, indisputable success in academic work, its own established creative collective where wonderful teachers, scholars and public figures had been working over the years.

Pskov State University nowadays is the center of educational, cultural and scientific life of the Pskov region. We see our University not only as an educational institution, but also as a multidisciplinary training, research and practice complex. The main objective of the University development is striving to make it modern, competitive, demanded, popular and highly rated. Implementation of such ambitious but quite realistic objectives implies the following principles:

1) Succession and openness.

2) Priority of innovations in the educational and scientific activities.

3) Expediency of innovations in the context of collective discussion and personal responsibility.

4) Priority focus on the needs of the economy of the Pskov region.

PskovSU trains students in more than 200 various programs on all attainment levels on a wide range of focus areas within 5 educational clusters – pedagogical, humanities, natural, engineering, economics and management. Training is carried out in full-time, part-time and correspondence forms of study.

The academic  structure of the university consists of  15 faculties, which include chairs, research laboratories, research and education centers. There are also four inter-faculty chairs.

Our University is the home to the youth discovering the world of science, creativity, art, fun and professional sports. The Student Scientific Society focuses on issues of fundamental and applied sciences: physics and mathematics, natural and socio-psychological sciences, technology, economics and humanities. There is a big range for any student to explore their potential.

As a classical university PskovSU enters into internationalization of scientific and educational work in order to increase quality of education and research, and become a competitive institution in the world educational market.

International cooperation is one of the priorities of the University development, including inter-university cooperation, export of educational services, education and research internationalization, implementing of the Bologna process principles. PskovSU has 83 partners from 26 countries all over the world, including the USA, China, Germany, France, Spain, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, etc. The main areas of inter-university cooperation are academic mobility, joint academic programs, joint scientific and research projects, international congress activities, and some others.

PskovSU has more than 670 international students from 28 countries of the world. Studying in the international environment gives our students an opportunity to get competencies of inter-cultural communication and get to know different mentalities and ways of living. The University possesses necessary infrastructure to provide international students with high quality of living at the University dormitories, as well as to arrange extra-curricular activities (it has several gyms, a swimming pool, a student club, a library, and a lot of other facilities).

PskovSU offers international students 80 Bachelor's programs, 35 Specialist's programs, 23 Master's programs, 21 Postgraduate programs. Some of the programs have modules in English or are conducted in English integrally. Besides that, PskovSU has special academic courses for exchange students, conducted in English, German and French. To get to know more about such courses please check our International Student Guide.

Internationalization of research activities and implementation of international educational and research projects are areas of the intense interest of the University. More than 30 projects have been successfully implemented by PskovSU for the period of 5 years within the framework of cross-border programs, the Baltic Sea States Council initiatives and the Nordic Council of Ministers, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) programs, the Swedish Institute, the Fulbright Program, etc. In that respect PskovSU is open for cooperation with international educational and scientific institutions and organizations.

On this website you will find the information for foreign teachers and partners, international and exchange students, as well as general portrait of the University. If you have any questions, please contact our staff!

We will be very glad to meet you at our University!

I am confident that walking your path along with Pskov State University you’ll receive high quality education and a perfect start to a brilliant future.

Kindest regards,

Yury Anatolievich Demyanenko, Rector