Participation of PskovSU in international scientific and educational projects is one of the important areas of international activities of the University. Participation in the projects lets the University form effective partnerships with universities around the world, provide innovative development, increase competitiveness and export potential of educational technologies and programs of the University, develop international educational programs and training of specialists, and also implement programs of academic mobility of faculty, students and staff of the University.

One of the important areas of cooperation with foreign partners of PskovSU is a joint research and implementation of scientific and educational projects. Funding of the projects is carried out in the framework of international programs. The aim of such projects is to raise financial resources for implementation of scientific ideas and the promotion of research results at the international level.

Here is the information about the PskovSU scientific and educational projects.

International scientific and educational projects of PskovSU


Sources of Finances


EuroFaculty-Pskov Project

Council of the Baltic Sea States, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

Finland, Norway, Denmark, Russia

Baltic Climate

Program «Baltic Sea Region 2007 - 2013»

Germany, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Russia

Environmental Governance for Environmental Curricula

TEMPUS Program

Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Slovakia, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Austria

ERANET-MUNDUS: Euro-Russian Academic Network-Mundus

Erasmus Mundus program

Spain, Netherlands, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Russia


Nordic Council of Ministers

Finland, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Latvia Lithuania, Russia

Nordic - Russian Green Growth Arena

Nordic Council of Ministers

Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Russia

Tartu, Rezekne, Pskov: Green management for urban development and planning in EE-LV-RU border capitals (GreenMan)

Cross-Border Cooperation Program «Estonia-Latvia-Russia» in frames of European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument for the period 2007-2013

Estonia, Latvia, Russia