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Pskov State Polytechnic Institute

Pskov State Polytechnic Institute

politeh.JPGThe institute was founded in 1960 as an educational and consulting center of the North-west Polytechnic Institute. In 1972 it became a branch of the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (LPI). It became an independent educational institution in 2004 by the Order of the Government of Russia on the basis of the branch of Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University.

The institute trains specialists in Economics, Finance, Management, Public Administration, Construction, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Automatic Production. PPI has highly skilled teaching staff.

Pskov State Polytechnic Institute cooperates with 10 institutions of higher education in Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, the USA, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

International cooperation is carried out in the following areas: economics and finance, tourism, public administration, management, industrial and civil engineering, motor vehicles and motor transportation, environmental engineering, information technologies, mechanical engineering, power supply and electro-mechanics.

PPI develops international educational programs. Annually, about 50 teachers, staff members and students travel abroad to teach classes, participate in international conferences and seminars, carry out joint research projects and study.

Students have the opportunity to participate in exchange programmes with institutions of higher education in Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic and the USA.

There are 7 faculties in PPI:

1. Computer Science faculty offers specialist degrees in the following areas:

- Computers, Complexes, Systems and Networks;

- Information Systems and Technologies.

2. Mechanical Engineering Faculty offers specialist degrees in the following areas:

Technology of Machine- building;

Motor Vehicles and Motor Transportation;

Environmental Engineering.

3. Constructional Engineering Faculty offers specialist degrees in

Industrial and Civil Engineering;

Road Construction and Aerodromes;

Real Estate Expertise and Management.

4. Electro-mechanical Faculty offers specialist degrees in

Power Supply;

Electrical Drive and Automation of Industrial-scale plantsand Technological Complexes.

5. Finance and Economics Faculty offers specialist degrees in

Finance and Credit;

Accounting, Analysis and Audit.

6. Management and Public Administration Faculty offers specialist degrees in

Public Administration;

Management of an Organization;

Production Management;

Innovation Management.

7. Preparatory Faculty offers

courses for PPI's entrants in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, the Russian language;

programs at Physics and Mathematics School;

programs at Foreign Languages Department.