Pskov State University has created the conditions for life-long education through the implementation of basic education programs (bachelor’s degree, specialist programs, master’s degree and postgraduate), programs of secondary vocational education, and a variety of additional educational programs.

Pskov State University has a multi-level structure of training:

  • Secondary vocational education;
  • Bachelor’s degree/Specialist;
  • Master’s degree;
  • Postgraduate.

The University provides qualified professionals for the economic, political, social, historical and cultural development of the Pskov region as a border region that is included in the partnership of the Baltic countries.

Training is conducted in 178 educational programs, including 47 bachelor’s specializations, 9 master’s specializations, 30 specializations of higher education, 20 postgraduate specializations and 18 specializations of vocational education. Besides that the university implements 55 programs of additional education.