Mikhail Nikolaev
Doctor of Economic Sciences


Bachelor’s degree

Economics (4 years, pert-time education – 5 years):

  • Accounting, Analysis and Audit
  • Finance and Credit
  • International Business
  • Business Economics
  • Taxes and Tax Assessment
  • Regional Economy
  • World Economy

Master’s degree


  • International Business (Business in the Baltic sea region) in English (2 years)
  • Regional Management (2 years)
  • Economics of Enterprise and Industrial Markets (part-time education – 2.5 years)
  • Management accounting and financial analysis of business (part-time education – 2.5 years)

Specialist programs

  • Economic security (5 years) - Economic and legal economic security
  • Customs affairs (5 years)


Department of Economics and Finance

  • Head of the Department – Mikhail Nikolaev,Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor
  • Tel.:+7(8112) 79-78-13

Department of Accounting, Analysis and Tax Assessment

  • Head of the Department – Svetlana Egorova,Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor
  • Tel.:+7(8112) 79-77-24

Department of World Economy and International Business

  • Head of the Department – Marina Makhotaeva,Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor
  • Tel.: +7(8112) 79-76-39

Masters training in "Economics"

Within the framework of the program "International Business - Business in the Baltic Sea Region" (in English)

Master's Program "International Business - Business in the Baltic Sea Region" in English complies with the Russian and the international educational standards.

The mission of the program is to train highly qualified specialists of international level, who can effectively apply their analytical and research competence, leadership qualities, innovative and unique knowledge in the development and implementation of strategies of business management in the context of a highly competitive and rapidly changing environment.

Master of International Business is a world-class economist of both Russian and international companies in various fields of business, able to promote the interests of Russian business in world markets and perform professional functions in commercial and non-profit companies, organizations and structures, public corporations, banks, consulting agencies, public organizations, foundations, ministries and agencies and other organizations.

About the international partners of the program

Finance and Economics faculty implements this master's program within the framework of the international project "EuroFaculty-Pskov", with the academic support of universities in Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia and Germany.

The program provides a high level of proficiency in English. The second and third languages can be studied at extra cost.

Project «Eurofaculty-Pskov»

The Finance and Economics faculty of Pskov State University takes part in a major international project “Eurofaculty-Pskov”, implemented with the support of the Council of Baltic Sea States and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

The project aims at increasing the competitiveness of the economy of the Pskov region by means of improvement of the structure and content of the Bachelor, Master and additional educational programs in “Business and Economy”, bringing these programs in accordance with the European educational quality standards and with the current and future demands of the regional labor market.


Pskov, L.Tolstoy St., 4 bld.2, offices 108, 108a
Tel.: +7(8112) 79-76-55, 79-76-06

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