Life long education in PskovSU is one of the promising areas of educational activities, an important component of the education system that can integrate different levels and forms of education in order to have more flexible learning paths, and to implement the principle of "education through life."

Institute of Life Long Education invites everyone to get additional training. We offer a variety of educational routes, such as vocational training programs; retraining programs; professional development programs; programs of general education; pre-university education programs. The list of educational routes includes individual ones. At the Institute everyone is able to choose an interesting and popular in the labor market educational program for themselves. Our doors are always open! We are waiting for you!

Head: Inna Andreyanova, Cand. Sc. (Law), Associate Professor at the Department of Public Administration, Management Faculty.

Deputy heads:

  • Tatyana Fedoseeva, Cand. Sc. (Economics), Assosiate Professor at Organization and Innovation Management Chair, Management Faculty. E-mail:
  • Natalya Milka, Senior Lecturer at Economics and Finance Chair, Finance and Economics Faculty. E-mail:


Department of additional vocational training for management workers and specialists

Department of professional development of scientific and teaching personnel

  • Head of the Department – Tamara Pavlova
  • Tel.: +7(8112) 79-76-95, 79-77-08
  • E-mail:

Department of additional programs of primary and secondary vocational education

  • Head of the Department – Oksana Negina, Senior Professor at the Department of of Mechanical Engineering
  • Tel.: +7(8112) 79-76-22
  • E-mail:

Preparatory Department

  • Head of the Department – Ekaterina Titova
  • Tel.: +7(8112) 79-78-77, 79-78-82

Department of additional educational programs for foreign citizens

  • Head of the Department – Natalya Molchanova,Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of Russian Language
  • Tel.: +7(8112) 66-36-06
  • E-mail:

Language Training Center

  • Head of the Department – Elena Gref
  • Tel.: +7(8112) 79-76-22
  • Е-mail:


The purpose of University classes is in-depth study of the profile subjects by school students under the guidance of leading teachers of the university with the use of modern educational technologies and the latest training resources, and adaptation of schoolchildren of the city of Pskov and Pskov region to educational programs of the Pskov State University.


  • Natural Sciences
  • Socio-Humanitarian
  • Information Technology
  • Biology and Medicine
  • Linguistics
  • Socio-psychological
  • Socio-technological
  • Socio-economic


Pskov, L.Tolstoy St., 4 bld.1, office 33
+7 (8112) 79-76-95, 79-76-22, 79-78-22, +7 (911) 361-83-53;

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