Today the University has twelve comfortable dormitories which are designed to accommodate 3122 people.

There are ten dormitories in the city of Pskov, and two – in Velikiye Luki. The centralized management is carried out by the Directorate of dormitories, whose activity is aimed at support, development and effective use of hostels with surrounding territories.

  • Pskov, K. Marx St., 1, phone +7(8112) 72-33-76, 770 beds
  • Pskov, Rotnaya St., 37, phone +7(8112) 72-39-95
  • Pskov, Inzhenernaya St., 8, phone +7 (8112) 53-29-84
  • Pskov, Tolstoy St., 42, phone +7(8112) 73-84-11
  • Pskov, Metallistov St., 14 (men’s hall of residence), phone +7(8112) 29-18-38
  • Pskov, Metallistov St., 16 (women’s hall of residence), phone +7(8112) 29-18-36
  • Pskov, Rosa Luxembourg, 6a, phone +7(8112) 56-46-47
  • Pskov, Krasnoarmeyskaya St., 1, phone +7(8112) 56-46-47
  • Pskov, Voevoda Shuisky St, 6, phone +7(8112) 66-43-18
  • Pskov, Rosa Luxembourg, 6b (Student’s House)
  • Velikiye Luki, Zelenaya St., 3, phone +7(81153) 36-438
  • Velikiye Luki, F.Engels St., 11/41, phone +7(81153) 72-939

In 2012, a modern student campus “Student House” was opened, which is home to students who have started new families. In the same building there is the Medical and Rehabilitation Center, where quality health care is available to any student and teacher of the university.
All dormitories provide conditions for living, studying and leisure. There are reading rooms, recreation rooms, gyms, sports grounds, a leisure center, Internet access. The territories of the dormitories are protected. There are guest rooms for the temporary accommodation of parents and relatives, who come to visit the students.