Head of the department

Igor Plokhov, Professor, Cand. Sc. (Engineering)

Structure of the Office

  • Scientific Organization Department
  • Department of projects and grants

Aims and functions of the Office:

  • The development of science and scientific infrastructure of the university, which is the main prerequisite for the training of qualified staff;
  • Planning, coordination and monitoring of PskovSU research activity units;
  • Improving the university researches;
  • Organizing and holding scientific conferences, workshops and symposia;
  • Organizing the activities of dissertation councils of the university;
  • Ensuring the participation of the university departments in projects, programs, grants;
  • Analysis of scientific activity of the university units;
  • Organizing systematic monitoring over the progress of orders, instructions, and decisions of the Academic Council of the University on the research work of the university, departments, teachers, and students;
  • Compilation of sample and final reports on the research activities of teachers, graduate students, and university departments;
  • Preparation of orders and instructions to the research activities of the university;
  • Providing guidance to the scientific departments of the University in the development of their activities;
  • Organization of scientific links with schools, universities and research institutions, including foreign ones;
  • Generalization of the experience of research work of the laboratories and other scientific structural units of the university, and also of faculties and departments;
  • Coordination of the students’ research activities;
  • Generalization of the research work of the students of faculties and departments;
  • Providing guidance to the Student Scientific Societies of faculties and departments;
  • Control over the implementation of the R & D tasks and the contractual obligations;
  • Doing the necessary paperwork.


180000, Pskov, L.Tolstoy St., 4
Tel.: +7(8112)79-76-16 
Office hours: 9.00-18.00

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