One of the absolute priorities in the functioning of a high education facility is now research. Research activities are the basis of the fundamental nature of education, the basis of training and professional development of the teaching staff. Quality education is possible only with the close relationship of the educational process with scientific research.

Scientific research in PskovSU is conducted within 11 branches of science, including the researches carried out within the framework of he List of priority directions of science and technology development in the Russian Federation "Nanosystems Industry", “Information and Telecommunication systems", "Environmental Management", "Energy efficiency and energy saving".

At present the main elements of the innovation infrastructure in PskovSU are:

  • 8 basic departments
  • 5 resource centers for collective use containing archival and library materials and databases: the laboratory of regional philological research, the laboratory of archeology and cultural heritage, the herbarium of the Department of Botany and Plant Ecology, the laboratory of lexicography, the joint scientific and educational laboratory of nanocomposite materials physicsof PskovSU and Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
  • 15 scientific and educational centers.
  • 5 small innovative enterprises, "Delta-T" (producing umbilicals), "SOTA" (information technologies), "Temp" (engineering), "Energokontsept" (energy-saving technologies), "Levitron" (electrical and mechanical engineering).
  • 3 centers for collective use with modern equipment (in the fields of technical, physical and biological sciences).

Priorities of the university in the field of scientific research:

  • creation and development of the PskovSU scientific schools, conducting research and development in priority areas of science, technology and engineering of the Russian Federation and in accordance with the regional needs of the economy and social sphere;
  • development of the innovation infrastructure and intensification of the process of creating and commercializing patentable results of scientific and technical activities (R & D results);
  • modernization and development of the network of scientific and educational centers, basic departments, research, educational and scientific laboratories, and resource centers for collective use;
  • providing a constant relationship between research activities and educational process;
  • introduction and widespread use of information technology in all phases of the organization and performing of research;
  • the development of publishing and increasing the publication activity of PskovSU faculty and staff;
  • creating a system of keeping young people in science and education and innovation spheres.

Youth Science

Annually the university holds scientific and practical conferences of young scientists. The conferences are attended by students, graduate students, young teachers of Russian and foreign higher and secondary educational institutions and research organizations.
Best reports are published in the annual university collections of the materials of the youth scientific conferences.
The university hosts annual student research competitions and contests for the best scientific work.