Academic structure of the university consists of 10 faculties:

The faculties include departments, research laboratories, scientific and educational centers.

PskovSU has 4 Interfaculty Chairs:

  • Foreign Languages for Non-Linguistic Faculties Chair
  • Philosophy Chair
  • Cultural Studies and Museology Chair
  • Physical Education Chair

Responsibility for updating and enriching the intellectual recourse of the society, implementation of continuous education of managers and professionals, provision of human resource capacity of the Pskov region in the sphere of further education is on the Lifelong Learning Institute of PskovSU. Today there are six units at the Lifelong Learning Institute, which offer a wide range of further education programs. Further professional education in Pskov State University is one of the promising areas of educational activities, an important component of the education system that integrates different levels and forms of education to have a more flexible learning path. The university has over 10,000 students, undergraduates and postgraduate students. The university widely implements innovative approaches to teaching and research activities.